Discover Your Signature Coast+Salt Scent Based on Your Dream Vacation

Discover Your Signature Coast+Salt Scent Based on Your Dream Vacation

Looking to infuse your daily routine with a touch of paradise? Coast+Salt has created a collection of coastal scents that embody the essence of your dream vacation destinations. Let's embark on a fragrant journey and find your perfect Coast+Salt scent that will transport you to the getaway of your dreams!

Bali - "Cabana"

If your heart yearns for the balmy destination of Bali, then "Cabana" is the scent for you. Immerse yourself in the lush oasis with notes of banana palm leaf, coconut, and lime. This captivating blend will evoke images of swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, and refreshing tropical drinks. Let "Cabana" whisk you away to a private paradise.

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Caribbean - "Sol"

Dreaming of the Caribbean's vibrant culture and sizzling sunsets? "Sol" captures the essence of this tropical playground. Indulge your senses with the enticing aroma of banana, grilled pineapple, and tropical spice. Close your eyes, and let the fragrance transport you to a beachside party, where the music is lively, and the energy is contagious.

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Hawaii - "Lanai"

For those craving the aloha spirit of Hawaii, "Lanai" will bring the islands to you. Dive into the sweet scent of tart pineapple, juicy watermelon, and tangy citrus. Picture yourself basking in the warm Hawaiian sun, savoring luscious tropical fruits, and enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze. With "Lanai," you can experience the rapturous paradise of Hawaii wherever you go.

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    Maldives - "Salt"

Escape to the Maldives with the captivating scent of "Salt." This fragrance blends the invigorating notes of bergamot and sea salt with a touch of sweet dried driftwood. Immerse yourself in the waves of this mesmerizing scent, as if you're strolling along overwater private villas, with the aroma of the sea enveloping your senses.

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Santorini- "Coast"

Transport yourself to the sun-drenched cliffs of Santorini with the enticing scent of "Coast", with a blend of olive leaf, fig, and sweet sea grass. This fragrance will evoke images of picturesque sunsets, charming blue-domed churches, and the fresh Mediterranean breeze. "Coast" captures the essence of this breathtaking Greek island.

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Your dream vacation destination has never been closer with Coast+Salt's signature scents. Whether you long for the vibrant energy of Bali, the lively spirit of the Caribbean, the aloha vibes of Hawaii, the enchantment of the Maldives, or the allure of Santorini, there's a fragrance to transport you to your chosen paradise. Embrace the power of fragrance and embark on a fragrant journey that awakens your wanderlust.

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